Project Delivery & Statement of Work

We specialise in project delivery – developing talent & transforming your business. We are trusted by our clients to turn briefs into business outcomes.

Statement of Work

Project Delivery is implemented when your need is beyond that of a client owned outcome.

It might be as simple as a key resource (whom we take ownership of); the complete transformation of your customer services division; the creation of a satellite hub; the management of a significant organisational change including the people required to mastermind it; or the instalment of new infrastructure for a region. No matter the size and scale – our objective is to co-own the project with you. We agree on the scope and statement of work (SOW), and that is what we deliver.

What is Statement of Work (SOW)?

A Statement of Work is a performance-based work package. While there is no exact format, it’s essentially a contract that governs the relationship and outputs between your organisation & Ampersand. Together we determine the agreed T&Cs, commercial arrangements, fees, timelines and outputs.

What is the benefit of a SOW?

This format of relationship ensures ongoing alignment without unexpected variables. It keeps costs consistent, ensures efficiency, and maintains quality. We own the output and the end-goal as much as you do – making the arrangement good business sense.

Our project team will lead your organisational change & transformation

We do this with precision, pragmatism and predictability. Organisations need to evolve with digital and emerging technologies and changing market conditions. We utilise proven models for leading and implementing business transformation and improvement initiatives based on years of being on the frontline, on site and in board rooms across diverse sectors such as Resources, Health, Environment & Science, Community Services, Professional sports, Not-for-profit, Small Business and Local Government.

We take the time to listen and understand the ecosystem that is your organisation.

Any executive leadership engagement with Ampersand is the start of a career long journey. We maintain relationships with executives throughout their career, not only during a search process. We earn and keep your trust by always acting with extreme sensitivity, confidentiality and privacy. We champion your needs, sourcing and negotiating on your behalf.

Whether you are seeking a new leader, or seeking your next leadership role, you can start a confidential conversation by contacting Ampersand’s CEO Cameron Kenna.