Culture & Guiding Lights

The mark of a good recruiter is their ability to connect you to the position or person you need, and to advocate for you or your organisation in the process. Beyond this, a recruiter’s brand is secondary to yours – we are there to represent you, not us.

Integrity, above all:
We are in the business of people – without them we are nothing. You must be able to trust us. We will listen, we will be respectful, we are true to our word, we are sensitive and we are discreet.

Mentor based work environments:
Call us traditional, but we believe in the power of learning through osmosis, and the value of personal and professional boundaries. While hybrid environments are vital to today’s landscape and something we support, we have witnessed first hand the communication and development gap that often exists as a result. It’s simply not in everybody’s best interests, all the time. We encourage our clients and our prospects to consider this in training and development, as well as in the hiring process.

Data is the new oil:
and with that comes the need to protect it. A great deal of our recent experience has centred on digital change, transformation and fortification. Not only do we help our clients protect this, we treat it with the utmost care ourselves.

They’re still out there:
yes there is a talent shortage. Yes, it’s hard to find the right people. But the meteor hasn’t hit – they are still out there. You just need to nail your brief, and market it well.

Bad hires are expensive:
they cost you money and time. Worst still, they cost reputation. This is not the place to cut corners.

We go below the surface:
we vet candidates as if they were looking after our children. Their experience and expertise will be well researched.

You come to us for a proper conversation:
We are not floor-to-floor of junior recruiters on phones. We are a senior, seasoned team of advisors.

Right person for the right role:
We have a duty of care to ensure that unconscious biases are left at the door in the hiring and screening process. Diversity & inclusion starts here.

We learn from challenges, and celebrate success:
Our internal culture is focussed on empowerment, ensuring our team members are able to recognise what’s in their control and have the best possible influence on that. We always acknowledge and celebrate success, this is what keeps us delivering to such a high standard.


We believe in having consistent values both personally and professionally, and this extends to the causes we support. We want to give our time, our money and our consideration as generously as we can. We do this as a business, but we also allow our team members the time and space to give to their personal passion areas too. Some of the causes we support include: