The Great Ones

Great companies are built on Great Minds.

In an unprecedented era of workplace change – the problem of top talent engagement, acquisition and retention has never been more critical… or more competitive.

Perhaps the most critical place of all for this is at the helm – the people who set our vision, who yield great influence, and who inspire teams to grow and deliver outstanding results. Expectations of leaders are not what they used to be, the landscape has changed – we expect more, and we hold onto it when we find it.

A strong leader can create a positive work culture, attract and retain top talent, and foster a sense of purpose and unity among employees. Their ability to navigate challenges, adapt to changing markets, and make tough choices is instrumental in shaping the trajectory and long-term success of a business.

With this in mind – there is nothing more integral to a Company’s success than investing in executive search recruitment.

Ampersand Executive Search

C-Suite Executive Search is Ampersand’s heartland – perhaps because we enjoy it so much. Our team has appointed some of the biggest executive roles in the country. We bring decades of pedigree experience and networks to the table.

Our search process is exhaustive, and that’s usually just the beginning. Our objective is to appoint a business leader whose success is measured well beyond the first 100 days.

Our Executive Search division is dedicated to sourcing and securing exceptional individuals for crucial leadership roles across various tiers of an organisation. We specialise in recruiting top-tier professionals who hold pivotal positions, shaping the course of a company’s trajectory. From Chairpersons who steer strategic decisions to Executive Directors who oversee operational excellence, our search encompasses a diverse spectrum of roles.

Among the key positions we meticulously scout for are the Chairperson, who wields their expertise to guide high-level strategies; the Executive Director, responsible for aligning organisational goals with execution; and the Non-Executive Director, offering invaluable external perspectives. Additionally, we seek out individuals for critical roles like the Managing Director, whose guidance steers entire business units, and the Chief Executive Officer, the ultimate architect of an organisation’s vision.

Our reach extends to Chief Commercial Officers who navigate complex market dynamics, Chief Marketing Officers who craft compelling brand narratives, and Chief Technology Officers who drive technological innovation. The roles of Marketing Director, Sales Director, PR Director, Communications Director, and Public Affairs Director are also within our purview, along with many others, ensuring that every facet of an organisation’s leadership team is meticulously curated.

In this landscape of pivotal roles, our Executive Search division employs a tailored approach to identify, engage, and secure individuals who embody the essence of leadership excellence. With a keen eye for matching skills, expertise, and vision, we pave the way for enhanced company performance and sustainable growth.

Additionally, we provide a range of auxiliary services should you need them – including talent advisory services, leadership consulting and integration, succession planning, and interim solutions.

Our clients include leading brands, corporations, private-equity backed ventures, government and not for profits.

The Executive search process is rigorous and multi-dimensional

It all starts with the brief, and in many instances – executive or board alignment. With talent requirements defined we embark on an in-depth search process informed by market intelligence, psychological assessments and deep contact networks.

Trusted advocates and partners

Any executive leadership engagement with Ampersand is the start of a career long journey. We maintain relationships with executives throughout their career, not only during a search process. We earn and keep your trust by always acting with extreme sensitivity, confidentiality and privacy. We champion your needs, sourcing and negotiating on your behalf.

Whether you are seeking a new leader, or seeking your next leadership role, you can start a confidential conversation by contacting Ampersand’s CEO Cameron Kenna.