Areas of Speciality

At our core, we embrace specialisation as our defining principle, acknowledging that we are not a one-size-fits-all entity but rather a conglomerate of recruitment specialists who take pride in our distinct areas of expertise.

Our focus is razor sharp and lies in meticulously sourcing and seamlessly placing individuals in both permanent positions & contract staffing roles, all within specialised domains.

Marketing Recruitment
Here we exhibit an acumen that goes beyond the superficial due to extensive experience in the field. Our expertise lies in matching the right talent with strategic visions. 

PR & Corporate Affairs
An increasingly important focus for all brands and businesses. A heartland area for Ampersand, we continue to have access to the best and brightest professionals in this realm. 

Business Development & Strategic Sales
Our finesse lies in identifying the trailblazers, those individuals who wield the art of persuasion and relationship building. 

Digital, Data Analytics & CRM
Shining a spotlight on those digital virtuosos who navigate an intricate labyrinth of technology, data insights, AI, relationship management and customer engagement. 

Human Resources
With people being the lifeblood of any business, our specialised recruitment in this field ensures that system remains steady. 

Projects, Change & Transformation
Individuals and teams who can seamlessly bridge vision and transformation at an executional level. 

Technology & ERP
Finding the people that make our organisations hum, and possess deep knowledge of appropriate systems and protocols. 

In an increasingly interconnected world, security recruitment forms an integral part of our portfolio. Similarly, our expertise extends into the intricacies of Risk & Compliance recruitment, where we source the vigilant minds that safeguard organisational integrity.

C-Suite Executive Recruitment
This area of speciality reflects our understanding that leadership shapes destinies. Here, we scout Great Minds who can steer organisations through turbulent waters and towards more prosperous horizons.

Connecting adept individuals with the corridors of civic responsibility, this is an extremely specialised area of focus for our team.