Privacy Declaration

I understand that any offer or employment presented to me by Ampersand International Pty Ltd (ABN 76 612 628 654) (“Ampersand International”) is based on the accuracy of any information provided by me in this application and/or attached resume, and I declare that such information is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and correct. I understand that if any of the information provided by me is false or misleading, or if I have not disclosed information to this application, which would significantly affect my application for employment with prospective employers, this may result in my application being unsuccessful.

I declare that the information supplied by me concerning my application(s) for employment is a true and accurate account of my work history and that I have not left out any relevant information with regards to my work history or assessment of my work performance.

I consent to participate in any applicable suitability tests and for the results to any tests (including medical or aptitude tests) to be disclosed to and used by Ampersand International. I acknowledge that the tests results and associated documentation are confidential to Ampersand International and the person or entity carrying out these tests, and that I will not be able to gain access to them.

I authorise Ampersand International to communicate orally or in writing with my previous employers, nominated referees and nominated educational institutions to verify my personal history and character, employment work history, work performance, work incidents and/or stated qualifications.

In the event that my application is unsuccessful for my nominated position or positions, I acknowledge and consent to my personal information being used to consider my suitability for other positions with prospective employers and I consent to this information being provided to Ampersand International management personnel. For this purpose, I acknowledge and consent to this information being retained by Ampersand International before confidential destruction or inclusion in my confidential personnel file maintained by Ampersand International.


I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Privacy Policy of Ampersand International which explains how Ampersand International complies with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988. I understand that if required by law Ampersand International may disclose any information provided by me.


I understand that Ampersand International will contact the referees and individuals nominated by me, including the referees nominated in my Application Form, in order to verify the information provided by me and to collect additional personal information about me. I understand that the information, including personal and sensitive information, collected by Ampersand International may be provided to prospective employers for the purpose of assessing my suitability for employment and, should I become employed, for the following purposes:

I hereby authorise Ampersand International to contact such referees and individuals nominated by me, and nominated in my Application Form, as Ampersand International deems necessary for the purpose of collecting personal information about me and subsequently assessing and facilitating my application for employment with prospective employers.

I hereby authorise Ampersand International to collect personal information about me and to disclose that personal information to prospective employers that are agreed to by me for the purpose of assessing my application for employment, contracted service providers which Ampersand International uses to perform services on my behalf and regulatory organizations, such as those regulating superannuation and occupational health and safety.


I understand that, subject to any agreed or lawful exceptions, I have a right to access and copy my personal information held by Ampersand International, by contacting Ampersand International, and that I have a right to correct any incorrect information held by Ampersand International about me. A charge may apply for providing access to and copies of my personal information.


In relation to personal email, I have/have not (delete whichever is not applicable) provided details of my personal email address to Ampersand International. I do/do not (delete whichever is not applicable) authorise Ampersand International to use this information to provide me with ongoing information regarding career opportunities as they arise.


I have read and understood this Declaration and the Privacy Policy of Ampersand International and I consent to Ampersand International collecting, using and disclosing my personal and sensitive information in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Declaration and the Ampersand International Privacy Policy.


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