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Challenger Brands and Disruption

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Successful marketeers in 2019 will be those with an appetite for disruption and an ability to create and change, disrupt. CMO through Vanessa Mitchell looks at the approach used by Athena which plans to disrupt… Read More

Ampersand Insights: Professional Services Marketing & Business Development

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As we near the end of 2018 and look forward to 2019, Will Dunn – Director at Ampersand International provides a snapshot of recent trends across the Asia Pacific professional services market. Recruitment activity in… Read More

Change the past, transform the future

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Everything changes, we’ve heard this before. Change is not always for the better but the idea is that by adopting new approaches to important aspects of our lives we can improve them. Change is designed… Read More

The modern family: data, marketing and your customer

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No longer solely the realm of the extroverted advertising exec, flamboyant creative or sweet-talking salesperson, data has cemented its place as the golden child of the modern marketing family. So influential is this family member… Read More

Data Discrimination – How To Avoid The Data Discrimination Trap

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It’s necessary to keep your data clean to avoid accusation of developing ulterior motives. The amount of data generated by business daily is enormous and we all have a responsibility to monitor it carefully. Martin… Read More

Virgin Australia Sets Standard For Workplace Mental Health

Miscellaneous, Ampersand Latest

So much is being reported now about pressure in the workplace ultimately affecting the performance of many workers. Virgin Australia has entered into a program which introduces a number of proven supports to help address… Read More

Pro-Vice Chancellor, Indigenous appointed at La Trobe University

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We’re proud to announce the appointment of Professor Dennis McDermott as La Trobe University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous – marking the culmination of an intensive search process led by Ampersand International Managing Director, Lloyd Lazaro. The… Read More

Building a future that works for our young people

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If you’ve ever had an extended period out of the workforce, for whatever reason, you’ll know that a job isn’t just a source of income. It can also be a source of self-esteem, of social… Read More

Why Customer Care Should Fall On The Whole Business

Ampersand Latest

A problem occurs. Examine your initial reaction. More often than not problems get pushed off to someone else. Fixing problems takes time and we’re all too busy to get involved. Right? This article in MarketingMag… Read More

The Art Of Dealing With Generation Z

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Looking ahead. It’s important we see the future with clear eyes. After all today and tomorrow is where we will create and deliver our business message. Our market, as it is with all markets changes… Read More

In The Age Of Data And Technology Is Creativity Dead?

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ADMA, the Association for Data Driven Marketing and Advertising, met recently and collected views about the role that creativity plays in an increasing tech and data driven world. Panelists representing CMO, Foxtel, Horizon State and… Read More

Brand trust can no longer be assumed

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Vanessa Mitchell writes for CMO about earning trust for your brand. ” Brands must earn consumer trust through human behaviours.” Very straight forward but on the mark as you will discover through this article. Further, Sarah King… Read More

Digital advertising continues to dominate marketing budgets

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Setting up a marketing plan requires more than a cursory understanding of what might be required to be successful. There is a saying that when you follow the smart money, you will find the solution…. Read More

Emotion, experience and impact, more important than ever

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This article published in MarketingMag with content partner UnLtd and Chris Freel at the helm reminds us that good and bad memories and an inclination to give back the drivers of that which can make… Read More

Redefining work-life balance

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It’s time for us to redefine the concept of ‘work-life balance’. Balance implies equal weight or time to both things, which isn’t always achievable. The quest for work-life balance can leave employees disheartened by the… Read More

You are your life and nothing else…

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“Existantialist philosophers teach us we are responsible for creating a meaningful life in an absurd and unfair world.” In this article published in NewPhilosopher, Antonia Case discusses how in life we are ultimately responsible for our own… Read More

The art of unlearning

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In a world where change is more of an obligation than a thought, work futurist at Atlassian Dominic Price lets us know where he sees the future of getting the best out of our work… Read More

Could a side step be the move that redefines your career?

Ampersand Latest

Often looked at as a pointless (at best) or downright risky (at worst) move, there is a growing realisation that a well-executed side step could open up a whole new playing field for your career…. Read More

Corporate Affairs 2018: Transparency is the new black

Ampersand Latest, Ampersand Insights

For too long businesses have been virtual black boxes with a brand slapped on the side. But that approach is no longer viable. Organisations must be a glass box, and build advocates from the inside… Read More

Why Experimentation Is Vital To Success

In the News, Ampersand Latest

Everyone seems to have a good idea. Experts in their field can be very convincing. The hard facts tell us that we should look before we leap. We are under time constraints  when critical business… Read More

Being Vulnerable : Failure Is The New Flawless – Drop The Mask And Cash In

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Successful marketing is the ability to frame any number of positive experiences to your audience thereby clearing the way to acceptance of your proposals. Or is it? Sergio Brodsky writes for Marketing Mag, “It’s very easy… Read More

Fake News

Ampersand Latest

Fake News. What does it really mean and why is it becoming part of media jargon used more frequently? Understanding its real meaning and why it is becoming more popular in its usage can help… Read More

Four Tips To Addressing The Skills Gap And Digital Transformation

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It’s a good idea to find all the help we can when thinking about the best ways to translate our work skills as they currently stand into the disruptive atmosphere of the digital world, at… Read More

The year that was…

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Dear Diary, Let me start with a confession. I am not a natural writer. I am however a voracious reader, and admire people’s ability to pour their imagination onto paper and be creative and witty and keep… Read More

Ampersand International – Digital Forum

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Ampersand International hosted a Digital Forum with guest speaker Chaminda Ranasinghe at Melbourne’s Vue De Monde – attended by a select group of leading minds in digital and customer.  Chaminda heads up the Digital Sales… Read More

Generating Memorable Brand Experiences – How To Help Your Brand Stick

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We know you need grit to maintain consistency with your brand. You can congratulate yourself if you do maintain consistency but this is only part of the journey in your quest to create the sublime… Read More

Consistency is Key

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Meeting after meeting we often find ourselves thrashing out ideas for product development and acceptance of product or service. So the theme goes, played out many times in many businesses and often pushed aside because… Read More

Australia, Island Of Invention

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Australia isn’t typically regarded as a driver of scientific experimentation, cutting edge abilities and inventive research. Rather gravitating towards the outdoors, lucky we can avoid much of what is considered hard work with the relaxed lifestyle… Read More

Melbourne Top Of The List For Chinese Residential Buyers

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The world is awake to watching what the Chinese people do. As they modernise, improve their educational system, step up their trade programs and take a leading role in technology. Consequently they will continue to… Read More

CEOs Must Come Clean About Job Security…

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A flow on from one of our earlier blogs on workforce transformation and the role leaders play on the ‘people’ side…Robert Gottliebsen offers some advice in this article under Commentary in The Australian. “How do… Read More

Job Search - Fresh Opportunities

Communications Lead – Social Impact

(Feature Opportunity)

Iconic Australian organisation is seeking a seasoned Communications Lead – Social Impact to join their dynamic team. Iconic organisation continuing to grow and innovate Social Impact communications 3 month contract – potential to extend, attractive… Read More

Senior Director Stakeholder & Consumer Engagement

(Feature Opportunity)

Career defining role as Senior Director, Stakeholder & Consumer Engagement for the Victorian State Government, Department of Health. The Changing Face of Health Career & Community Defining Impact Leadership | Inspiration | Progress Ampersand International… Read More

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Challenger Brands and Disruption

(Ampersand Latest)

Successful marketeers in 2019 will be those with an appetite for disruption and an ability to create and change, disrupt. CMO through Vanessa Mitchell looks at the approach used by Athena which plans to disrupt… Read More

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Ampersand International Leadership Breakfast

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Ampersand International is hosting a leadership breakfast at Vue de Monde on Wednesday 21st November. The exclusive breakfast will be led by Jason T. Smith, Founder and Group Director of the Back in Motion Health… Read More

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