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Building a future that works for our young people

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If you’ve ever had an extended period out of the workforce, for whatever reason, you’ll know that a job isn’t just a source of income. It can also be a source of self-esteem, of social… Read More

Corporate Affairs 2018: Transparency is the new black

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For too long businesses have been virtual black boxes with a brand slapped on the side. But that approach is no longer viable. Organisations must be a glass box, and build advocates from the inside… Read More

Creating Effectiveness Today for Commercial Results Tomorrow

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The Emotionally Intelligent Value Exchange – Defining today’s ‘Salesperson’ Danielle Lima is a marketer, sales person and corporate trainer and has written a book, “A Practical Guide To Selling with Emotional Intelligence.” Peter Roper interviews… Read More

Future Gazing 2020: The Future Of Marketing…or rather, the Engagement Economy

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Mike Handes is Director of Customer Success, Asia Pacific at Marketo – we love a good title these days! In this article in Marketing Mag he shows us how Marketo’s path to 2020 forecasts future… Read More

5 Reasons why you need a Change Manager

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Actually there are hundreds of reasons you need a change manager but we don’t have all day so I have narrowed it down for you:   1 – Digital all the way baby  So your… Read More

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean For Brands?

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Companies have understood for some time the power that technology can bring to their make up. Now, technology companies are working on expanding this concept through the development of machines that bring artificial intelligence into… Read More

Technology: Building In The Cloud for Competitive Advantage

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  A great deal has been written about the digital economy and the massive changes already implemented, with much more to come. Now that the platforms have been set and the effect of these have… Read More

So, tell me about yourself…

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As far as interview questions go, this should be pretty straight forward one to answer – we don’t know anyone better than ourselves! As a recruiter I meet with a multitude of people on a… Read More


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All too often in life we need to be reminded of perspective.  Whether it’s personal, family, business or taking the sporting field we all need a dose of perspective at some stage in our lives,… Read More

Life after change

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A lot of people are starting their careers in Change Management  thanks to fabulous Change Management “Pioneers” who carved out a specialisation over the past 25+ years. Change Management now has a career path from… Read More

Are you relevant? Are you really?

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More often than not when presented with such a question, most people will answer “well yes of course I am”, my question back is…are you really? Harsh? Perhaps. Thought provoking? Absolutely! This is the reality… Read More

The technologies and customer trends likely to change marketing organisations the most over the next five years

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The Intelligence Unit (aka research dept.) of the `The Economist’ surveyed ~500 CMOs and senior marketing executives worldwide to explore which technologies and customer trends are likely to change marketing organizations the most over the… Read More

Future Thinking: Management Planning

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We are all encouraged to think and plan ahead. This article by Antonia Case in NewPhilosopher examines the benefits or mistakes in doing so. Antonia, ” Write down your five year goals. Self help gurus… Read More

Ampersand – Corporate Affairs Insights 2016-17

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After pushing for this over many decades, corporate affairs has become a critical member of the management team and an important voice around boardroom tables. There is also now widespread acknowledgement of the importance of… Read More

Cultural Reform Breakfast Featuring Dr. Corinne Manning

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Ampersand International are hosting a breakfast at O Bar and Dining on Thursday, 30th March.  This breakfast will be for selected corporate executives to gain insights from Dr. Corinne Manning, who is a globally recognised consultant,… Read More

Why you should take notice of introverts

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Several years ago I went to one of those well-known health retreats in Queensland where one goes to detox and rejuvenate. I needed to get away from the daily grind, refresh and renew my energy… Read More

What does it take to be a great teacher ?

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What are the benefits of educating? Roslyn Arnold explores this subject in NewPhilosopher and gives us something to feel proud about when we have taught with our hearts. Roslyn, ” Effective teaching requires an extensive… Read More

Millennials vs. the World

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Simon Sinek’s viral interview on millennials in the workplace has imposed the topic into the minds of a global audience. Well informed and balanced, Sinek discusses the challenges and pitfalls facing the generation. This morning,… Read More

Progress & Growth: The Call to Your Own True Adventure

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An article by Flora S Michaels in NewPhilosopher gives us the opportunity to consider how our life will unfold as we move through it and at the same time allow us to think about the… Read More

Branding: how one person can make a brand

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An article by Peter Roper in Marketing Mag discusses how one person can make a brand. In this case Peter talks about Luke Mangan the renown restaurateur and opens many doors whilst showing us how… Read More

Change Management: The times they are A-Changin

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“The times they are A-Changin” to quote the 2016 Nobel prize winner in Literacy – Bob Dylan. The pace of change in 2017 seems to have sped up or is it just me getting older? … Read More

HR Development: Why Not Change Your Mind?

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  Every day we form opinions about a wide range of issues including personal and business situations. When we form an opinion are we open minded about changing our point of view on these issues… Read More

Marketing & Digital: The Five Most Important Attributes of Digital Experience

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We all seek to form, establish, create and develop successful businesses. Paramount to building any business today is to find ways to unlock valuable customer data and relate this back to our digital platforms. Veronika… Read More

Coaching Vs Mediation

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When coaching just isn’t enough, consider mediation Meet Michelle Michelle is a young, high potential sales representative working for a large pharmaceutical company. Patrick is a sales manager valued in the company for meeting or exceeding his… Read More

The Pursuit of Perfection & Motherhood

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“We are not meant to be perfect. We’re meant to be whole.” Jane Fonda. We have all come across the perfect stereotypical mum or career woman. Perhaps she is the perfect stay-at-home mum you meet… Read More

Marketing Analysis: Touch Points & Attribution

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Professor Mark Ritson says in his article in Marketing Mag that brands and people are going to find themselves in the middle of a marketing frenzy in 2017. These events will follow on from the… Read More

Marketing Trends: Media Intelligence Tools & Content

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  It’s well and good to have media tools at hand, but not much use if we don’t know how to use them properly and in particular harness and deliver the content that we need… Read More

Professional Development: How To Train Yourself To Thrive Through Change

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Everyone seems intent on taking a positive view on becoming involved in change within our businesses and in our own lives. Wherever you look somebody or something is advocating for change. Today the catch cry… Read More

Why Marketing Can’t Fix a Sales Problem

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When monthly sales targets are not being achieved and the spark between our offerings to our clients starts to misfire and our business starts to lose traction many small to medium sized businesses will turn… Read More

Chance Rules Our Lives: Self Development

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There are many ways to get motivated. We are encouraged to improve ourselves through training, educational activities, help and guidance on the job and experience. We need time to become experienced. A series of articles… Read More

Job Search - Fresh Opportunities

Corporate Communications Lead

(Feature Opportunity)

Leading, agile technology organisation Broad corporate communications opportunity Attractive salary package + benefits Dynamic technology organisation is seeking a Corporate Communications Lead to join their collaborative team. Reporting to the Chief Communications and Marketing Officer,… Read More

PR & Communications Manager

(Feature Opportunity)

Fantastic opportunity for a passionate PR & Communications Manager to join a dynamic consumer firm specialising in tourism, lifestyle & hospitality. Integrated communications & experiential agency Consumer portfolio – tourism, lifestyle & hospitality Attractive salary… Read More

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Challenger Brands and Disruption

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Successful marketeers in 2019 will be those with an appetite for disruption and an ability to create and change, disrupt. CMO through Vanessa Mitchell looks at the approach used by Athena which plans to disrupt… Read More

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Ampersand International Leadership Breakfast

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Ampersand International is hosting a leadership breakfast at Vue de Monde on Wednesday 21st November. The exclusive breakfast will be led by Jason T. Smith, Founder and Group Director of the Back in Motion Health… Read More

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