Team Member Profile

Vivian Liu Finance Manager Vivian Liu

Vivian manages all of Ampersand International’s accounting and finance needs. Since joining our team in 2015, Viv has been setting financial strategy, managing budgets and forecasts, and looking after all financial reporting. She’s also responsible for payroll – another reason that we love her!

Viv holds a Master’s Degree of Professional Accounting and is a CPA. In contrast to her focus on finance, she also holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Interpreting and Translation.

When she’s not geeking out over numbers, you’ll likely find Viv immersed in her latest complex Lego build or deep in the Marvel universe.

About Ampersand International

Ampersand International is a leading executive recruitment and advisory business that specialises in sourcing and securing executive talent and leadership across corporate affairs, digital, marketing, communications, transformation and technology. Since 2008, we’ve been delivering trusted counsel and recruitment expertise to high performing businesses and candidates across the Asia Pacific region.