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It’s well and good to have media tools at hand, but not much use if we don’t know how to use them properly and in particular harness and deliver the content that we need to send. This article that forms the basis of this report was written up in Marketing Magazine with the assistance of Marketing content partner Meltwater,” Four Steps To Using Media Intelligence Tools To Bolster Your Content Marketing Strategy”. This strategy helps us understand how media intelligence works and how to deliver the content effectively. Let’s examine the four steps that Ambera Cruz from Meltwater discusses.

Ambera ” Media intelligence allows organisations to track and measure conversations on social channels. When employed effectively, it enables brands to track themselves, competitors and relevant content and themes”. There is little gained in developing a plan to send our message on a particular theme if we are not able to collect the results. We must gather this information to gauge or effectiveness, plan for our future issues and target those areas that are of interest and benefit to our customers.

These are the four steps to use.

* Plan

Once you’ve identified the content you would like to focus on, a media intelligence tool can help identify like-minded authors, bloggers and influencers who are writing about the same topics. Ambera, “Approach them to either post some of their articles, have them share yours or work together on partner content features.” Having your message shared by another voice on social media can add diversity and credibility to your content, not to mention increase the overall reach for both parties.

It pays to find like-minded people who will support your culture. The higher up the credibility scale you are the more impact your view will have. Make sure that you meet personally with them from time to time so that any shifts in their message content can be taken on board and allows you the opportunity to probe for a better understanding of their point of view. The closer your themes are, the stronger your impact will have with your audience.

* Collect

Study what you have collected. You’ve mapped out your contingent plan, now use media intelligence to aggregate content surrounding the topic. Ambera, “Are there gaps in the conversation?” Find relating areas that have not been covered yet, and use these as an opportunity to bolster your content offering by filling the gaps”. Holding onto content that has performed well previously can improve your content by adding strength to your current offerings. The type of content you use can include white papers, Webinars,presentations, podcasts videos and articles. Ambera, “The more accessible the content is, the more likely it is to be shared and used”.

We must build our stock in trade. Collecting relevant and interesting content allows us to press our message through regularly, in doing so preserves our ability to communicate when and how we see fit. Learn to examine the text of all content to expand the story and describe the information meaningfully. Content that has been used previously and successfully should not be discarded as it provides strong support for your new messages as well as adding to the impact of the story line.

* Understand

Media intelligence can also help in understanding what your customers are reading, and when and how they are engaging in content. Ambera, “If you can’t do it first, do it better, monitor your competitor’s mentions and activity for any gaps and fill those gaps with better content. Have they created content to support and build up all other activity”?  What trends and themes are trending around your content? Use a theme cloud to identify new content opportunities to incorporate into your content strategy.

This gets down to research. There is no media intelligence without research. Content relies on intelligent research. To be successful here you must hit the bulls’ eye in discovering what your supporters are reading. New trends are emerging all the time and you must stay current to ensure that your supporters are kept informed through your work in this area.

* Reflect

Reviewing the quantity and quality of your content should help drive your strategy. Ambera, ”  Looking at how many articles, shares, mentions, tags, syndications, attendees or comments your content receives can help determine if you’re giving your audience what they want”. If you’ve successfully followed these steps, you should see spikes in activity around trending themes. Monitoring your business, competitors, industry patterns and keywords is essential to see the results in any change in trends.

In other words you must keep statistics. Little use in providing capital for marketing using media intelligence unless you know what return on investment you are generating. Also very important to keep trending themes under close review. This is where you will find the type of content that will keep your readers engaged and coming back for more.





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