Marketing & Digital: The Five Most Important Attributes of Digital Experience

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We all seek to form, establish, create and develop successful businesses. Paramount to building any business today is to find ways to unlock valuable customer data and relate this back to our digital platforms. Veronika Birnkammer, marketing director of SAP Hybris, Australia and New Zealand outlines the five most important attributes of digital experience and shows us how to make the most of this journey as we focus on creating an environment that will produce a reliable base of loyal customers.

Veronika, music to any marketer’s ears, “when customers are delighted with the digital experience that brands deliver, they are more likely to share personal information.” Research shows consumers are more likely to share personal information in return for delightful digital experiences, according to SAP’s 2016 Australian Digital Experience Report from buying preferences and social media usage, to health records and even personal finance information. “What sets savvy marketers aside from the rest, however is not the quantity of personal information they gather, but the intelligence with which it is applied to provide personalised, relevant brand experiences.” 

We also see with increased access to customers insights, marketers now have an opportunity to unlock a virtuous circle, whereby they can constantly tailor offerings to boost loyalty, advocacy and revenue. Veronika, “Considering delighted customers are five times more likely to remain loyal compared to unsatisfied ones, the digital experience is something marketers cannot afford to get wrong. In today’s competitive and fast paced market, these insights must be used in intelligent and relevant ways, or brands will drive customers away.”

Customers were asked as a part of this report what the most important attributes of the digital experience are. Australian consumers have spoken about those experiences that delight them. The following prompts that switch them on are:

Safe and Secure

We are becoming accustomed to hearing about leaks of private data held information. With an increased level of awareness, customers want to be satisfied and see a current effort that their personal data is managed respectfully and safely.

Cohesive, Integrated and Easy

A consistent and engaging Omni channel experience is key to delighting customers. It means allowing for relevant, simple on line transaction, ensuring the same stock is available in store and online at the same price, and being able to provide relevant information at the click of a button.

Available 24/7

Brands must be able to respond to customers in real time, whenever, wherever and on whatever device they choose. Traditional 9am to 5pm business hours no longer suffice. Tapping into customer data around social media usage, buying performance and web browser history is the enabler for this level of agility in reacting and predicting customer demands.

Respectful and Deampersand-newspaper-businessdicated

Taking advantage of customer data, using it in an unintelligent way or not protecting it will result in customers leaving brands at an unprecedented rate. Instead, marketers must use improved insights to share relevant offers that match customer interests, recall previous purchases to make new buying recommendations, even tap into individual consumer daily schedules to offer a solution in real time. Transparency is the key to building the level of trust needed for true engagement. Marketers should be clear what information they are collecting and offer simple, visible opt in and opt out choices.

Effortless and Customisable

Consumers want services that recognise their personal routines, health requirements and even financial concerns. Being able to respond to this has huge potential to delivery brand loyalty and advocacy. Alongside these five top attributes, marketers must also account for a range of other components that make up the digital experience such as providing relevant offers without infringing on privacy, and exciting and engaging the customer across every interaction. Understandably, digital experience means different things to different brands, but the motivation behind it should always be the same: the customer. Brands cannot afford to continue to take a one size fits all approach to digital. Consumers expect brands to transform the insights they’ve provided into timely, relevant, personalised services that satisfy on an emotional and functional level. Veronika wraps up, “With these five attributes in mind, marketers have an opportunity to constantly improve the digital experience delivered while optimising loyalty, advocacy and ultimately, revenue.”

Remember customers will be agreeable to supplying us with personal information. Once received we have a responsibility to use this wisely to present them with satisfying digital experiences. Continue to do so and the customer information will continue to flow through to help us frame our future offerings. Furthermore we will keep our customers. The five important attributes of the digital experience supplied by customers and the foundation of this report are not complex, unreasonable or difficult to interpret. As such we can apply them easily, smooth sailing ahead. Without a supply of intelligent data from our customer base we will struggle to create businesses that can truly be said to focus on the customer and give them what they want.

Hayley James.


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