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So guys, this is my style – like it or not, it’s all about the data, insight and sticking to the facts!

Here we go…

What I’ve heard from clients;

  • Real need from clients to find analysts who can actually translate the data into a business outcome and communicate that to stakeholders – hear this at every client meeting. Without fail.
  • Tying in with the above, there is also a real need for a specialist recruiter more aligned with analytics closer to the customer and removed from the more back end ‘business intelligence’ analytics, where a lot of the analysts who can’t translate data into actionable business outcomes seem to sit – and hence where most of the recruiters in Melbourne also seem to position themselves. Step forward Ampersand.
  • Pure play digital businesses – and companies trying to become more digitised – truly value international expertise when it comes to analytics and seek this in applicants. Other companies not going down this route cite ‘lack of Australian experience’ as a reason not to consider international candidates. I know which half of the equation I think is going to be left behind.
What I’ve heard from candidates;
  • Realisation from traditional offline analytics candidates that they need to embrace and become well versed in digital analytics so they don’t get left behind in the job market as companies pursue a single customer view and become digitised.
  • Frustration from candidates that certain industries (particularly Financial Services) are very insular in their approach to hiring and often refuse to consider strong analysts from other industries without specific prior industry experience – although having given this some thought it could be possibly be attributed to the sheer size of NAB and ANZ in comparison to companies in other industries, with their large matrix structures creating difficult to negotiate stakeholder environments at a scale you don’t find outside of Financial Services.
  • Financial Services is often the preferred destination for analytics candidates and where analytics is most advanced. Those already in Financial Services seem to be attracted to education and healthcare most.  Tobacco, Gambling and Energy are the most objectionable (predictably) industries – and in that order.
‘Insights’ (pardon the pun again) from me after a few months;
  • Analytics in Melbourne is not a candidate short market. There are plenty of candidates and the candidate pool is clearly going to grow – the initial difficulty and true task is building the relationships with clients and actually transacting business with them… they love a coffee in Melbourne!
  • We need to hire someone in Sydney to focus on this – it sounds from candidates, looks from the internet and is reiterated by Rich every time I see him that analytics recruiters are having a field day up there. It also sounds like there is a big contracting scene in analytics in Sydney. Contracting really isn’t as prevalent in this area as we originally envisaged in Melbourne – haven’t seen much of it down here at all (Telstra aside).
  • Analytics candidates are already reflecting the way companies are going with digitisation – ‘digital analytics’ is going to take over with more traditional channels becoming secondary in most industries… in my humble opinion. I also think ‘digital analytics’ will become more regulated education wise.
By Tom Machin, Principal : Customer Analytics, Data and Research

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