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Brands Embracing Tech Have Happier Customers…

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The search for the key to develop happier customers relentlessly continues on. In this article by CMO, Azadeh Williams writes, “World leading brands that maintain the highest level of customer experience satisfaction are more than twice… Read More

Jobs Growth And Rates – Interest Rates To Rise

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David Rogers reports in The Australian, ” A further strengthening of Australia’s job market has backed official forecasts of faster economic growth reinforcing economists expectations that wages growth will recover enough to allow the Reserve… Read More

Ampersand International – Digital Forum

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Ampersand International hosted a Digital Forum with guest speaker Chaminda Ranasinghe at Melbourne’s Vue De Monde – attended by a select group of leading minds in digital and customer.  Chaminda heads up the Digital Sales… Read More

Generating Memorable Brand Experiences – How To Help Your Brand Stick

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We know you need grit to maintain consistency with your brand. You can congratulate yourself if you do maintain consistency but this is only part of the journey in your quest to create the sublime… Read More

Consistency is Key

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Meeting after meeting we often find ourselves thrashing out ideas for product development and acceptance of product or service. So the theme goes, played out many times in many businesses and often pushed aside because… Read More

Australia, Island Of Invention

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Australia isn’t typically regarded as a driver of scientific experimentation, cutting edge abilities and inventive research. Rather gravitating towards the outdoors, lucky we can avoid much of what is considered hard work with the relaxed lifestyle… Read More

Melbourne Top Of The List For Chinese Residential Buyers

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The world is awake to watching what the Chinese people do. As they modernise, improve their educational system, step up their trade programs and take a leading role in technology. Consequently they will continue to… Read More

CEOs Must Come Clean About Job Security…

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A flow on from one of our earlier blogs on workforce transformation and the role leaders play on the ‘people’ side…Robert Gottliebsen offers some advice in this article under Commentary in The Australian. “How do… Read More

Embrace Change

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Richard Gluyas reports in Business, The Australian, on a panel discussion with NAB Chairman Ken Henry covering changes on the way in the nation’s workplaces. Andrew Thorburn, NAB Chief Executive contributes in a very open… Read More

Research has proven that your phone is annoying your boss.

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Research from USC’s Marshall School of Business has proven that any time you take your phone out during a meeting you are annoying your boss and colleagues. The study also showed that people above the… Read More

Pull Don’t Push

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How do we frame our businesses in the marketplace so we can maximise their effect? How can we give our brands an unfair advantage? These objectives are always present when management seek to support their… Read More

Ampersand International Digital Forum

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Ampersand International is hosting a digital forum breakfast at Vue De Monde on Friday, October 6th.   The informative breakfast will be presented by the Head of Digital Sales & Marketing at ANZ, Chaminda Ranasinghe. The focus… Read More

Banking, wages, leadership and technology – what do they have in common?

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Some interesting developments in the business world this week. These developments directly affect the future opportunities for employees in the banking, media and technology sectors. Shifts in banking, wages, trends towards flexible work practices and… Read More

Marketing: Understanding the New Engagement Economy

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Engaging with our customers is an essential part of driving our businesses. However are we sure that we communicate with them in an effective manner? An article in MarketingMag produced by Marketo, a content partner… Read More

The Life cycle of Unfinished Business

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Let me start by saying, my simple business, people and customer philosophy is that we don’t stop until it’s done…and it’s never done. Holding ourselves to account on behalf of our clients, their experiences, their… Read More

Tech Talent And Company Start Ups: Sons Of Atlassian

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  Glenda Korporaal’s article in The Australian, Deal Magazine shows how the harnessing of talent and focus on developing staff with a common journey can pay off in a very big way. Sons of Atlassian… Read More

Creating Effectiveness Today for Commercial Results Tomorrow

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The Emotionally Intelligent Value Exchange – Defining today’s ‘Salesperson’ Danielle Lima is a marketer, sales person and corporate trainer and has written a book, “A Practical Guide To Selling with Emotional Intelligence.” Peter Roper interviews… Read More

Future Gazing 2020: The Future Of Marketing…or rather, the Engagement Economy

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Mike Handes is Director of Customer Success, Asia Pacific at Marketo – we love a good title these days! In this article in Marketing Mag he shows us how Marketo’s path to 2020 forecasts future… Read More

Stop being hijacked by your emotions.

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Mary and Jason were walking out of a client’s office after a difficult meeting. They felt exhausted after having worked on a complex proposal all week, staying late into the evening most nights, rehearsing the… Read More

5 Reasons why you need a Change Manager

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Actually there are hundreds of reasons you need a change manager but we don’t have all day so I have narrowed it down for you:   1 – Digital all the way baby  So your… Read More

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean For Brands?

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Companies have understood for some time the power that technology can bring to their make up. Now, technology companies are working on expanding this concept through the development of machines that bring artificial intelligence into… Read More

Technology: Building In The Cloud for Competitive Advantage

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  A great deal has been written about the digital economy and the massive changes already implemented, with much more to come. Now that the platforms have been set and the effect of these have… Read More

So, tell me about yourself…

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As far as interview questions go, this should be pretty straight forward one to answer – we don’t know anyone better than ourselves! As a recruiter I meet with a multitude of people on a… Read More


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All too often in life we need to be reminded of perspective.  Whether it’s personal, family, business or taking the sporting field we all need a dose of perspective at some stage in our lives,… Read More

Life after change

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A lot of people are starting their careers in Change Management  thanks to fabulous Change Management “Pioneers” who carved out a specialisation over the past 25+ years. Change Management now has a career path from… Read More

Are you relevant? Are you really?

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More often than not when presented with such a question, most people will answer “well yes of course I am”, my question back is…are you really? Harsh? Perhaps. Thought provoking? Absolutely! This is the reality… Read More

Cultural Reform Sydney Breakfast

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Last week Ampersand International hosted a Cultural Reform breakfast with guest speaker Dr. Corinne Manning at O Bar and Dining in Sydney. Corinne is a globally recognised leader in cultural reform, with a unique blend… Read More

The technologies and customer trends likely to change marketing organisations the most over the next five years

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The Intelligence Unit (aka research dept.) of the `The Economist’ surveyed ~500 CMOs and senior marketing executives worldwide to explore which technologies and customer trends are likely to change marketing organizations the most over the… Read More

Future Thinking: Management Planning

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We are all encouraged to think and plan ahead. This article by Antonia Case in NewPhilosopher examines the benefits or mistakes in doing so. Antonia, ” Write down your five year goals. Self help gurus… Read More

Ampersand International – Across Borders

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 In 2016 Ampersand International realised its vision of becoming a truly international business . How was this achieved?  Well I’d like to say it wasn’t easy, but it was. With a key member of the Ampersand family moving… Read More

Job Search - Fresh Opportunities

Communications Lead – Social Impact

(Feature Opportunity)

Iconic Australian organisation is seeking a seasoned Communications Lead – Social Impact to join their dynamic team. Iconic organisation continuing to grow and innovate Social Impact communications 3 month contract – potential to extend, attractive… Read More

Senior Director Stakeholder & Consumer Engagement

(Feature Opportunity)

Career defining role as Senior Director, Stakeholder & Consumer Engagement for the Victorian State Government, Department of Health. The Changing Face of Health Career & Community Defining Impact Leadership | Inspiration | Progress Ampersand International… Read More

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Challenger Brands and Disruption

(Ampersand Latest)

Successful marketeers in 2019 will be those with an appetite for disruption and an ability to create and change, disrupt. CMO through Vanessa Mitchell looks at the approach used by Athena which plans to disrupt… Read More

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Ampersand International Leadership Breakfast

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Ampersand International is hosting a leadership breakfast at Vue de Monde on Wednesday 21st November. The exclusive breakfast will be led by Jason T. Smith, Founder and Group Director of the Back in Motion Health… Read More

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