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Hayley James Founder & Managing Director Hayley James

Hayley is the Founder and Managing Director of Ampersand Executive, Search & Advisory. She is the driving force behind why Ampersand has cultivated the reputation as one of the leading independent executive search and advisory firms in the Asia Pacific region. This is through her unwavering vision to launch and grow a bespoke customer and people centric consulting firm that differentiates through customer experience, service innovation, leadership and authenticity. Hayley is especially passionate about advocating for brands, executives and business leaders who align their actions and behaviours to creating ultimate people and customer value. With a visionary business mind, Hayley is known for her authenticity, unwavering zeal and for being a true change agent for the industry.

Inspired by: Big brains, open hearts and the courage to take on the unknown Ultimate destination: Realisation of a visionary journey…ideally whilst on the Isle of Capri Trademark: See the forest for the trees, with energy