What we are hearing from many
of our clients:

‘We can’t seem to keep our expatriates and are losing valuable global experience’
‘We are losing some of our best employees to our competitors’
‘This is the third time in 2 years we have had to fill this role’
‘Our employee engagement scores are low’
‘Our leaders are finding it harder to meet customer expectations’
‘We have had significant leadership turnover’
‘We have great technical people but no leadership successors’
‘We can’t attract or retain highly capable women to our senior leadership roles’


Key strategic issues for Businesses today

Turnover of key executives remains high. The average tenure of CEOs in Australia is 3.9 years. How can CEOs deliver long term strategic objectives and lasting change within such a tight timeframe?

CCL research indicates around forty percent of new hires derail in the first 18 months of employment. How do we protect the hiring investment clients make with us?

Executives are more mobile & will seize new opportunities (often with competitors) if their career goals & development needs are not recognised. How do we retain our most valuable people ‘assets’?

External appointments to key roles can create internal disengagement if not managed with unbiased transparency. How do we miminise the risk of losing highly valued leaders or potential leaders?

Structural change and instability is becoming the norm; the first people to leave are often a firm’s highest performers. How do we retain and re-engage high value executives?


Ampersand’s The Leadership Agenda has emerged in response to these business issues and client concerns.

Our services are based on the ethos that the way to the customer is through leaders aligning people to the ultimate customer experience.

This ethos is not just a nice idea – it is evidence-based. In overcrowded marketplaces, Customer Experience (CX) creates lasting differentiation. Organisations that are customer led, achieve 22% increased revenue compared to those who do not deploy a customer experience strategy.

The Leadership Agenda is a business focused approach to leadership creation and optimisation that:

•   Optimises your company’s leadership capability.

•   Protects your leadership asset.

•   Helps your company secure a steady, reliable pipeline of future leaders.

•   Delivers strong ROI on leadership investment.

•   Focuses on making your high performing leaders even more successful.

Our services are tailored to the specific needs of your leaders, ensuring maximum return on your leadership development investment.


Our Advisory services provide personalised expert advisory services to leaders and potential leaders to:

Re-energise and refocus highly valued leaders and potential leaders in your business

Protect the investment in your new hires ensuring they receive full support to accelerate their learning and become productive as soon as possible.

Support your internal people during the transition points from technical expert to leader

Complement your diversity & inclusion strategies, ensuring your new hires who may come from different industry sectors or diverse backgrounds succeed and excel.

Specific Advisory services include:

Executive Integration. Provides the choice of a 3-month or 6-month advisory service following the external appointment of a new executive.

Emerging leaders. Provides a leadership development service for your new internally appointed leaders – such as technical experts transitioning into leadership roles. Our Emerging Leaders service also supports leaders transitioning into a new culture or leadership style following the appointment of a new CEO or after a significant cultural change intervention.

Leveraging diversity includes a six month female talent identification and retention service that enables organisations to build a strong and sustainable pipeline of female executive talent.

Career reflection comprises a three month service specifically designed for highly valued leaders who need to take a fresh approach to reviewing their career direction – for instance, after a setback, or unsuccessful application for an internal role.

Back in the Game. A coaching service to ensure your highly values employees who may have been out of the workforce for some time, due to parental leave, expatriate assignments, secondments or other factors are effectively and promptly integrated back into the work environment.






Our Consulting services support to teams and organisations to:

Re-engage a highly valued team that may have lost its way or become dysfunctional

Create a climate that is motivating, where employees are dedicated to the business and are driven to give their best

Some examples of our specific consulting services include:

The Diversity Agenda which identifies the systemic changes required to build diversity and to optimise the performance of employees from differing backgrounds.

Team optimisation services which accelerate the performance of teams through reviewing team structure, operations and capabilities, and help the leader manage conflict.

Creating a strategically aligned HR function. This service provides a strategic review of your HR capability, to create a strategically focused HR function that supports the achievement of business outcomes.

Who we are

All our Advisors have a strategic and commercial focus in everything they do. They understand how businesses operate and the key drivers of performance and success and apply a blend of commercial acumen, consulting expertise and coaching support to the client.

Norah Breekveldt is Director, The Leadership Agenda is a former Telstra Business Woman of the Year and published author of Sideways To The Top – 10 Stories of Successful Women That Will Change Your Thinking About Careers Forever (Melbourne Books, 2013).

Norah is passionate about how leadership and diversity impacts an organisation’s ultimate customer, people and market growth. Norah holds a Master of Business Administration from the Melbourne Business School, a Post-Graduate Certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University and a Certificate in Professional Coaching.

Added to this she is a graduate of the Institute of Company Directors, a member of the Australian Institute of Management and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation.


For more on ensuring your new leaders succeed and excel contact Norah Breekveldt email —
T. +61 3 9008 5119

Or connect with us here and one of our team will contact you.

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