Cultural Reform Breakfast Featuring Dr. Corinne Manning

Wednesday March 1st, 2017 in In the News, Ampersand Latest, Ampersand Insights

Ampersand International are hosting a breakfast at O Bar and Dining on Thursday, 30th March.  This breakfast will be for selected corporate executives to gain insights from Dr. Corinne Manning, who is a globally recognised consultant, responsible for the successful implementation of the Australian Army’s cultural reform strategy.   

This culture change resulted in the Army being an Employer of Choice, their Chief of Staff (whom Dr Manning reported into) being awarded the “2016 Australian of the Year”, and the Army seeing an increase of females within the Army from 9% to 13%.  Dr Manning has also led La Trobe University to success in achieving the 2016 Workplace Gender Equality Agency Employer of Choice citation.

David Morrison – Chief  of the Australian Army and Australian of the Year 2016 has said:

“Corinne helped to shape the modern Australian Army through her leadership in changing our culture to be more diverse and inclusive of people from different backgrounds and experiences. Corinne seamlessly worked across all levels, building trust, understanding and commitment to exacting sustainable change. 

Corinne Manning played a pivotal role in this evolution by helping us build and secure Army’s future through cultural reform.  Her genuine commitment to making people feel valued and part of this change makes her an invaluable part of any organisation embarking on this journey. 

Corinne also led a major, award winning strategic communications campaign through the redevelopment of our website that championed Army as a modern, Australian institution that not only valued diversity and inclusion but actively engaged and evolved to become a more sustainable and capable force.

Corinne worked with Army to get the best results possible without undermining our reputation or performance. As a result, the Australian Army is now a recognised employer of choice for women, a leader in diversity and inclusion, and an organisation that successfully attracts some of the most talented people in our nation”

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