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2017 is well and truly underway and we are encouraged by the evolving trends, talent requirements and executive profiles we have identified across our global digital portfolio.  Ampersand Digital has accomplished a year of rapid international growth, even deeper subject matter expertise and a clear broadening of our networks with global delivery capabilities. Regular insights and engagement with top digital influencers and thought-leaders across a multitude of industries from pure plays to omni environments, keep us on track and at the forefront of the digital talent and leadership industry.
Size might matter to some but not to us. Genuine subject matter expert, global connectivity and practice specialization is how we differentiate and support our clients on the path to leading, cutting edge and achievable digital engagement with their customers through appointing the right digital experts.

The first half of the financial year and certainly continuing into 2017, Ampersand Digital has been appointed to partner with some of the nation’s largest and top ASX listed organisations as well as some smaller but exciting new market start-ups. We have leveraged every assignment not just to fill job vacancies but more importantly, to consult around matters of digital and customer priorities within these organisations.
So what are our digital priorities?

Optimisation is top of the agenda globally…
A common theme across all industries, whether established market leaders or as new ventures, is the need to improve their channel reach. In order to increase online sales and service, all businesses aim to enhance the customer experience; a commitment we’re finally seeing globally across most markets. 

In Ireland and Europe, for example, where the huge focus on digital transformation has been discussed for the past 18 months, companies are now truly investing. This has resulted in a spike in demand for specialised digital roles such as SEO, Digital Optimisation & Channel Managers and Content Strategists.
Organisations seek ‘digital’ to be at the core of their business strategy and at every customer touch-point. For this to succeed, they require exceptional digital optimisation talent starting from the top filtering down throughout the organisation. As such, this will again be an area of key focus for European markets in 2017 and beyond.
Similarly, in our Australia and Asia Pacific region, Digital Sales Managers, Digital Strategy and Transformation Managers, Digital Performance, SEO and SEM experts in addition to not just ‘Digital Marketing’ but ‘Digital & Data-Driven Customer Leaders’ are at the top of organisations’ talent wish lists.
Jetstar’s CDO setting new priorities for 2017
Jetstar’s Chief Digital Officer, Nandor Locher, is a recognised digital expert running one of the most reactice, fast-paced and price driven volume digital businesses in the market. Three and half years with the low cost airline and almost a decade with Virgin previously, Nandor spent almost thirteen years in the digitally trend-setting travel sector. Nandor spoke to us in an ‘exclusive interview’ (at a trendy café in Abbotsford… all thumbs up!).
The biggest threat to the successful digital travel retailer “continues to be the commoditisation of the travel industry. Differentiation and increasing customer experiences at all touch points is the only way forward, especially for a low-cost airline with naturally less cash to spend”, said Nandor. In the aviation sector in particular, creating outstanding customer experiences is critical to be amongst the top players.”
JetStar’s answer: a renewed focus for 2017 on the optimised gathering of customer data, CRM and the continued sharing of information across the entire Group (which includes Qantas) – with the aim to optimise customer experiences at all touch points from driving them to the web site, allowing for a seamless and frictionless customer journey where transactional sales and service is the core of Jetstar’s business.
Nandor himself commutes between the Gold Coast and Melbourne on JetStar each week. While otherwise utterly data-driven, he emphasises this is an important reference point for him to see for himself whether things are on track and what needs upgrading. Customer experience insight through customer experience – oh how compelling!
Human-centred design at its best – optimising customer experience and channel reach literally under the watchful eye of the C-suite. Nandor is setting a great example by driving digital optimisation from the top. Something to capitalise on by on-boarding the best digital talent to turn the vision into reality in 2017 and beyond.
Connecting with Ampersand International
We look forward to seeing what 2017 holds and working with you, our valued partners to help drive your customer agendas through helping you build nothing short of best practice digital teams.

We’re always here to share insights, market trends across boarders and connect 1:1 to ensure we’re across your leadership priorities, your team performance and your careers. So, it’s March already…perhaps time to connect with Ampersand International’s Digital Practice across Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore or Dublin.

By Inci Kaylan-Drerup, Principal: Digital Melbourne 

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