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Tuesday October 17th, 2017 in In the News, Ampersand Latest

Ampersand International hosted a Digital Forum with guest speaker Chaminda Ranasinghe at Melbourne’s Vue De Monde – attended by a select group of leading minds in digital and customer.  Chaminda heads up the Digital Sales and Marketing function at ANZ. ANZ operates across 34 markets around the world and has approximately 10 million customers’ world wide and 50,000 employees. ANZ is ranked as one of the top 100 companies in the world.

The topic for the forum was Digital Transformation – Reimagined.

Chaminda began by reflecting on conversations he had a few years ago with the leaders driving the digital agenda for companies that would more often than not reference the latest gadgets that have been released, new website functionality and apps. As exciting as that can be in terms of execution, Chaminda was focused more on the HOW; specifically, the people capability teams that delivered these great solutions and the commercial results they are generating.

The reality is, an organisations future will be dictated by HOW it works rather than WHAT it works on.  Creating a defensible model is key.  If a business is defensible, it creates a landscape that is difficult for competitors to quickly enter the market.

ANZ CEO, Shayne Elliott was quoted, “We really only have two resources: great people and technology. Banking is essentially about using two things to continually improve the customer experience we offer.”

Chaminda believes that the technology alone won’t deliver the best experiences.  It’s the people, the team, your partners – all contributing to developing a competitive edge.

Prior to embarking on their five year digital transformation in 2013, ANZ was known as an innovator and an early leader in digital.  That said, they fell behind in just a few short years.  Their focus shifted from delivering innovative customer solutions to rebuilding technology platforms.  As most companies that embarked on major technology programs have found, this journey was long, slow and challenging.  Digital has revolutionised the lives of ANZ’s customers, the industry and the bank continues to accelerate at an ever-increasing pace. Chaminda became aware that “Doing things the way we have always done them was just not going to work.”

“We had to change…This has been our journey: Think big, start small, act fast. We focused on the team first, on each other. Then it was about the process that we needed to deploy to get the job done. Finally it was about focusing on performance – taking ownership of it.”

Chaminda referred to the process of setting up people for success – end-to-end ownership of the customer journey by bringing all relevant teams together. Digital Marketing was part of Marketing, Content was spread across Marketing, Communications etc. and the channels were in either digital or IT. As you can imagine this didn’t produce the best outcomes for the customer, therefore the ANZ drove a significant transformation project to bring it all together. Not only did they achieve a robust collaborative framework, more importantly, the teams were aligned to the one customer journey – through the one customer lens – dedicated to working across all of the customer touch points.    More-over, the ANZ has adopted an agile methodology centred on ‘better ways of working’.

Chaminda emphasised ANZ’s strong customer focus. “We are driven by customer needs and wants.”ANZ has a fantastic customer experience team including their very own testing lab.  They make decisions based on data and insights and take responsibility for their own performance and what that in turn means for the business.  Chaminda led the vision and strategy for the digital channel, aligned the team around the cultural and commercial performance measures (including the channel) and clearly understood what it takes to be successful for both the customer and the business. Success breeds success!

Finally this all comes down to relationships, – strong, trusted relationships within your team, with other teams around the business and partners that support you.

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